13 million active job seekers
have a disability


Yet, by 2018 more than 5 million jobs will be unfilled

The impact of the labor shortage hinges on the workforce participation rate of the baby boomer generation.  Since the likelihood of acquiring a disability increases with age, disability inclusive companies will gain the strategic advantage.  They will be able to retain their current workforce longer, while tapping into the largest minority segment in the US.



"When James reports to work, he is eager to get the job done.  Currently working at 160% production level, he remains focused on the task at hand and doesn't get distracted by "water-cooler" conversations.  He's a natural fit for the Quality Assurance Analyst position.  His keen ability to detect irregularities in patterns has easily saved our company more than a 100,000 dollars."  --Performance Review 3/14/2015

We asked James..

"What's the most challenging part of his job?" and he replied...

James spent several (frustrating) years trying to find a job on his own before coming to Advocations.


We support the workforce of tomorrow, TODAY

What We Do

We can help you expand your current diversity and inclusion strategies and produce measurable results in the recruitment and retention of individuals with disabilities.

We customize our services to meet your needs and give you the confidence to make work a reality.  Once employed, we can provide on and off-site support to ensure your success.

What People Say About Advocations

Very knowledgeable of all disabilities, of Vocational Rehabilitation, and navigates these areas with the greatest of professionalism and enthusiasm... a leader in innovative service delivery.”
— Gina Price, NC Vocational Rehabilitation
The Panthers did not have a formal program for employees with disabilities, so Advocations created a system from scratch... Advocations has been exceptionally professional... When we count our blessings- Advocations is right on top!”
— Josie Cremisi, Parent Advocate
An excellent resource for organizations looking to expand diversity efforts. I have since hired Lindsey as a consultant from time to time, and I will utilize her services again.”
— Meg O'Connell, Global Disability Inclusion
Lindsey is a real dynamo and a person with a “can do” attitude. She is someone who sees a problem and jumps in with both feet to get it resolved. She has a great staff and understands the needs of the business customers.”
— Howard Green, NOD

We make work accessible


We are certified by the USBLN as a Disability-Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE).  This is a rigorous and highly credible national certification trusted by Corporate America and DiversityInc.


In 2013, Advocations received a 3-year National CARF Accreditation.  This decision represents the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization.



The Capabilities platform simplifies our recruiting process by confidentially matching our current opportunities with job seekers nationwide.